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Ya-Dong Wu

I am a tenure-track associate professor at John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Before joining SJTU, I was a postdoc in Prof. Giulio Chiribella's group at the University of Hong Kong. I earned my Ph.D. from University of Calgary under the supervision of Prof. Barry Sanders. My research focuses on quantum information lying at the intersection of quantum physics and computer science. Recently, I am particularly interested in applying deep learning techniques for learning complex quantum systems from data.


Selected Publications

  • YD Wu, Y Zhu, G Bai, Y Wang, G Chiribella, "Quantum Similarity Testing with Convolutional Neural Networks", PRL 2023 (highlighted by Nature Computational Science)
  • Y Zhu, YD Wu, G Bai, DS Wang, Y Wang, G Chiribella, "Flexible Learning of Quantum States with Generative Query Neural Networks", Nature Communications 2022
  • YD Wu, G Bai, G Chiribella, N Liu, "Efficient Verification of Continuous-Variable Quantum States and Devices without Assuming Identical and Independent Operations", PRL 2021